Standard of care treatments in CNS conditions largely target symptoms rather than the underlying cause of the disease. Significant limitations in therapeutic effect and tolerability issues also result in high rates of therapy discontinuation and unmet therapeutic need. New treatments often focus on marginal improvements to the existing symptomatic approaches.  Therefore, new therapeutic classes recently launched, or due to launch in the near future will offer physicians additional treatment options for patients, where outcomes are sub-optimal and tolerability issues still exist. In areas like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s the holy grail of true disease modification continues to be a huge challenge pharma aspires to rise to, whilst in MS the last 10yrs has seen some huge strides made and in areas of pain, such as Migraine, drugs with disease-specific indications should revolutionise the existing landscape.

Real-world evidence generated via the CNS Disease Specific Programmes™  provides market insights and understanding, measures disease burden and identifies areas of opportunity for new or existing treatments.