• Experts in the generation of real-world data and shaping of real-world evidence

    Conducting multi-country real-world observational studies and healthcare database analyses for over 25 years, our services are grounded in the extensive heritage afforded by Adelphi’s proprietary Disease Specific Programmes™ and supported by the subsequent expansion of our real-world evidence services to meet pharmaceutical client needs.

    We provide a unique range of real-world insights involving physicians, patients, caregivers and payers; with insights achieved through our market-leading Disease Specific Programmes™, tailored non-interventional studies, international secondary database analyses and expert market access strategy.

    Adelphi Real World is a dedicated team of more than 200 professionals; we provide support and guidance for our clients across all areas of real-world evidence implementation.

    Our scope of work and experience covers the complete lifecycle of a compound. Our global coverage ensures our evidence can shape all levels of insight from multi-country strategy through to domestic, tactical implementation.

  • Our Real World

    Our real-world evidence is generated through the study of data captured in a real-world clinical practice environment, namely outside a conventional clinical trial setting. Through our expert analysis we transform the real-world data gathered in our observational studies into evidence; this can then be used to generate insights and drive understanding for our clients.

    The need for real-world evidence is compelling – data from randomized clinical trials seldom fully reflect the impact of a treatment across the universe of patients. Real-world evidence helps translate trial findings into the environment in which the product will ultimately have to perform.

    Our real-world evidence is based entirely on data obtained in a clinical practice setting. We do not advocate the use of uncontrolled / unmonitored ‘real life’ feedback found on social media as a basis for commercial or scientific decision-making.

Therapy Experience

Extensive therapeutic experience build up through 25 years heritage in conducting Disease Specific Programmes™, now in over 100 therapy areas.

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We have led the way in real-world evidence generation for over 25 years, not by staying the same but by constantly evolving our offering.

For the latest  developments contact:

Andy Collicott, VP Client Services ([email protected])
Andrea Cochrane, Director Commercial Operations ([email protected])


At Adelphi Real World we understand we are only as successful as our people. Our teams play a crucial role in guiding our clients through the increasingly complex world of real world evidence, delivering meaningful and impactful results that are changing the way industry, regulators and physicians themselves operate. While we draw on our extensive heritage in the real world arena, we are not afraid to look forward, develop new services and innovate across the whole company in order to maintain our market-leading position in a competitive environment.

We are a friendly group of people from all walks of life with many varied views on the world; a mix which gives us our strength but still allows us to exist in a surprisingly high level of harmony! Our daily focus is on creating and delivering quality evidence to our clients, but we also know how to have fun and we’re not afraid to show it. Whatever ‘floats your boat’, be that walking up mountains (or hills), baking like a pro for one of our many charity bake sales or having a good chat on a curry night, there’s something for everyone but how heavily you get involved is completely up to you.

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